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Registration fees ( VAT included )

Before 30 October, 2022 After 30 October, 2022
Academic300 Euros400 Euros
Student200 Euros300 Euros
Accompanying person (gala dinner)100 Euros100 Euros
Tick category and fill in the amount to be paid.
To qualify for the Student fees, student participants shall provide proof of status (copy of student card) together with the registration form

Invited speaker

Accompanying person (gala dinner)

Registration fee includes : admission to all sessions,
access to exhibition, coffee breaks, lunches, gala dinner, congress bag, USB key of the meeting full texts
Attendance to the meals :

Lunch November 17th, 2022
Lunch November 18th, 2022
Gala dinner November 17th, 2022

Other :
Due : Euros

Payment options

Payment must be made in advance and are payable to: UTEAM.
Please make sure that you indicate "DA2PL" and the participant's name on all payments.
Payment should be made in Euros.

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Bank transfer
  Payable in Euros to the following account:
  Bank : Crédit du Nord Compiègne Entreprise
  Code bank : 30076
  Code counter : 02626
  Account Number : 10337100206
  Key : 32
  IBAN : FR7630076026261033710020632
  SIRET : 34230024100029

Invited speaker (free)


For any cancellation, contact as soon as possible UTEAM by e-mail or letter.
For a cancellation before October 31th, 2022 : 70 Euros will be charged for the administrative costs
After this date, no refund will be possible.
It is not possible to cancel a registration if the presentation has been accepted by the Scientific Committee

This information is intended for the organizers UTeam or DA2PL 2022 Committees in the purpose of setting down the list of the participants.
You may oppose to the publication of your email address in the list of participants by ticking here
You have a right of access and modification by applying to UTeam until 15/10/22.

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